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Are you a nature explorer? From the footpaths to the panoramas, explore nature in 1001 ways!

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quenelle sauce nantua

Haut-Bugey is a chance to take a gastronomic break, with charming restaurants and the aroma of crayfish and pike quenelles arising from the kitchens. To be savoured without limit!

some great tastes

Lac de Nantua

With your feet in the water and your head in the clouds, an emerald green vista all the way to the horizon: who could say no to a prospect like this?

the fresh air


Haut-Bugey is in the north of the Rhône-Alpes region, covering the southern tip of the Jura mountains, halfway between Lyon and Geneva.
haut-bugey-mini-carte AIN Haut-Bugey Haut-Bugey GENÈVE LYON
haut-bugey-carte-new RHÔNE ISÈRE S A V OIE AIN Haut-Bugey Haut-Bugey Bourg-en-Bresse Genève L Y ON Haut-Bugey Izernore Nantua Oy onnax HAUTE-S A V OIE
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