From the Sequani tribes in the Gallic period to the “barbarian” invasions, via the Romanesque influence still to be seen in Izernore, the past in Haut-Bugey was not always very peaceful! As part of the “Savoyard state”, the province only became part of France in 1601. In the 20th century, Haut-Bugey was a centre of the French Resistance. The Museum of the History of the Resistance and Deportation in Ain and Haut-Bugey in Nantua, as well as numerous memorial sites, preserve the memory of the Resistance fighters.

  • The city of Nantua

    An imposing and peaceful town, clustered at the tip of a deep lake and surrounded by limestone cliffs that make for spectacular walks on which you might see chamois, Nantua has in all eras displayed the assurance of a place that never disappoints visitors. History and gastronomy, nonchalance and adventure… Nantua leaves no-one...

  • The city of Oyonnax

    Famous for its industrial know-how, Oyonnax enjoys a remarkable natural setting. In summer and winter alike, it offers many cultural discoveries along with a wide range of leisure activities and relaxation opportunities.

  • The glacières de Sylans

    The ice factory developed on the banks of Lake Sylans, with its very pure water, in the late 19th century. Step back 140 years in time to one of the biggest natural ice harvesting sites, and listen to the story of an amazing industrial heritage! Relive a time when fridges and freezers didn’t exist…

  • Resistance and deportation

    “Haut-Bugey, land of resistance”

    A mid-mountain area near Switzerland and a crossroads for routes to the East and Italy, Haut-Bugey occupies a strategic position. During the years of occupation (1940-1944), it became a centre of active resistance against the Vichy regime and the German occupier. Today, the Ain Museum of the Resistance and...

  • Combs and plastics

    The capital of Plastics Vallée and second city in the department of Ain, Oyonnax lies in a thriving economic area, considered as a major centre of activity for the plastics industry in France and Europe.


  • Archaeology and Gallo-Roman heritage

    After starting out as a small Gaulish town, Izernore became an important vicus in the Gallo-Roman era. The remains of a temple, unique in Ain and dedicated to a still mysterious divinity, provide the only reminders of this key period of our local history.

  • The Montcornelles medieval building site

    Montcornelles or the building adventure! See a real medieval town come to life in Aranc, at the heart of the Bugey mountains.

  • The Abbey church of St Michael

    An abbey born of a legend (that of the Bishop St. Amandus being saved by a lightning bolt…). The Abbey Church of St. Michael still stands, a subtle blend of Romanesque and Clunisian styles that houses 2 treasures: a unique picture by the painter Eugène Delacroix and a listed organ of exceptional musicality.

  • The Lèbe astronomic observatory

    Right at the heart of Valromey and the Retord plateau, the Lèbe observatory provides visitors with a unique experience, perfectly combining emotion, new discoveries and shared knowledge.

  • Cerdon caves

    In a cave at the heart of nature, set off on a journey to a world from the depths of time! A little train takes you to the entrance of the underground world. Your visit runs through a strange setting, shaped by water for thousands of years. You begin where once a river went underground and follow to the old resurgence point, where...