Gastronomy and local specialities

The taste of simple pleasures. Tastes, skills, a great way of life… from the technique of our cheesemakers to factory outlets, authenticity and enjoyment are always guaranteed!

  • Quenelle with Nantua sauce

    Who hasn’t heard of Nantua sauce? A recipe that has a place in every good collection, this sauce made from crayfish butter was invented in the town of the same name and is delicious with pike quenelles.                                                                                         ...

  • Comté and Other Cheese Makers

    From the Middle Ages, the long, hard winters in the Jura mountains prompted locals to make milk into a cheese to be set aside and matured. The cheese was then known as Vachelin. These were long-lasting cheeses that aged well, making them ideal for export and a source of new revenues. A lot of milk was needed to make these large cheese...

  • Local specialities

    Haut-Bugey is also home to a delicious cheese with a solid reputation: Comté. Come and taste high-quality specialities in our farms or restaurants…

  • Local know-how

    The craftsmen and manufacturers in Haut-Bugey are proud of their skills and always welcome visitors.