Nature activities

Winter activities

Like white memories added to a colourful palette, the spotless canvas of the region’s wide-open spaces is a chance to add colour to your winter and warmth to your heart! Take your pick between skis, snowshoes, a sledge, ice-skates or a sleigh and light the crackling winter fire!

  • Nordic skiing

    Nordic skiing is a sport with a Scandinavian inspiration. For unforgettable outings through unspoilt natural spaces and all the fun of crossing the white gold on skis! So let it snow!

  • Alpine skiing

    This winter, enjoy some skiing with your friends or family on the Terre Ronde slopes in Plateau d’Hauteville. Glide across the snow and experience all the thrills of skiing on the Haut-Bugey slopes! So? Ready for the downhill?

  • Ski package prices and ski schools

    In Haut-Bugey, the ski packages are designed to meet the needs of each skier. And if you don’t yet feel at home on skis, then the ski schools are for you! Who hasn’t dreamed of hurtling down the slopes like a pro?

  • Snow-shoes

    Snow-shoe your way through a world where whiteness and silence hold sway. Nothing stops the snow-shoers in their quest for fun and exercise – a new way to go hiking!

  • Ice-skating on a frozen lake

    When winter grips the landscapes and adorns the big fir trees with sparkling crystals, the water in the lake turns to ice! It’s time to get out the ice-skates, with ruddy cheeks and laughter to liven up the scene and dancers gliding over a natural mirror, darting here and there and having a lot of fun! Let the dance begin!

  • Our guides

    The mountains are untameable, so to make the most of your stay, call in a guide and together make the stuff of beautiful memories. There is nothing like them to help you learn the art of having fun in total safety!

  • Biathlon & laser shooting

    In La Praille, set off on your skis with your rifle strapped to your back and try out the biathlon. This is an increasingly popular Olympic sport combining cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

  • Sleigh ride

    A special moment to share between you, your animal and nature! Another way to glide across the snow while enjoying a unique panorama! An original and unique escapade with memories to take a lasting place in hearts and minds!

  • Snowfall

    Haut-Bugey is a region of highlands and pine trees. In winter it’s the perfect place for cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and ice-skating. From the resorts to the valleys, enjoy your favourite kind of skiing! Select a ski area to see the weather report and snowfall.

  • Toboggan runs

    For children (of all ages!), have fun hurtling down the Haut-Bugey slopes on your toboggan! The ideal activity to share with your family or friends!

  • Equipment rental and packages

    A resolution for the end of the year: this winter, I’m going cross-country skiing in the Jura Mountains! So why not take advantage of our special offers?