Lac de Genin

Lake Genin

The small mountain lake in a clearing surrounded by pine trees at 830 metres in altitude is known as “the Little Canada of Haut-Bugey”. A summer leisure destination for families, people go there for ice skating and diving under the ice in winter.

The "Little Canada of Haut-Bugey"

  • Altitude: 850 metres
  • Depth: 19 metres
  • Surface area: 8.15 hectares
  • Width: 330 metres
  • Length: 380 metres
  • Water temperature on 29/08/2018: 21°C

Listed in 1935 as a “site of natural and picturesque character” (Law of 2 May 1930), Lake Genin is a real natural gem. This magnificent combe lake has a surface area of 8 hectares and is spread across three municipalities: Oyonnax, Echallon and Charix. This true natural playground offers various activities for visitors: hiking paths, mountain bike circuits, supervised bathing, fishing, tree climbing… In winter, you can sample the joys of cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowshoe walking or even diving under the ice.

  • Restauration et hebergement, Auberge du Lac Genin, Charix, Ain

Lake Genin, a natural playground

Summer at Lake Genin

Lake Genin is a haven of peace, a gift wrapped in greenery But don’t be fooled by the relative quietness of this “Little Canada”. Look around you, there are joyful activities going on everywhere, from bathing to fishing, from mountain biking to treetop rope courses… Whether you prefer sports or relaxation, there is something to suit everyone, and all visitors are sure to enjoy spending time in a place where fond memories are made and time seems to stand still… Have fun!

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  • Baignade Lac Genin
    Baignade Lac Genin

Winter at Lake Genin

Time passes, the seasons come and go, Lake Genin changes its face and colour, but nothing takes away from the magic of the place. In the winter, visitors brave the cold and snow with their woolly hats and red noses. It’s impossible to resist the pleasure of walking on the powdered snow with showshoes on, or Nordic skiing under the watchful eye of the majestic pine trees. You can also hire skates from the inn and skate on the frozen water. And you can’t help but admire and be moved by the seasoned divers dancing beneath the ice and defying the depths of the lake. It’s impossible to get bored here, you’ll never tire of the place!

Video : Amandine’s heart stoke

The Auberge du Lac Genin


Take a break to relax and give your taste buds a treat: food barbecued over a wood fire before your very eyes, braised wine sausage, perch fillets, escargot croustades or tournedos with morels… Enjoy them all in peaceful, green surroundings.

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To stay the night

You can also stay the night at the Auberge du Lac Genin inn, in a cosy nest with three spacious and attractively decorated rooms.

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  • Auberge lac Genin Charix
    Auberge lac Genin Charix
  • Auberge lac Genin Charix
    Auberge lac Genin Charix

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Lake Genin is not only a listed site but also a department-certified “sensitive natural area”. In fact, a discovery trail to explore the peat bogs of Lake Genin was created this spring, “l’étrange trésor de la vouivre” (“the strange treasure of the wyvern”).


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