Nature activities

Open-air activities

If you want to get out and about and enjoy some green landscapes, then the Haut-Bugey region is absolutely ideal! On foot, by bike or in the air, come and explore it on your own or with friends. Whatever your age or your level, open-air activities are made for sharing!

  • Cycling

    On two wheels, along the natural paths, through the forest or on the road, for daredevils, risk-takers or sensible cyclists, there’s something for everyone! Pedalling fun guaranteed!

  • Fishing

    As happy as a fisherman beside the water or sitting in a boat, with the fishing line taut, the maggot wriggling and your eyes peeled for a bite! The silver fish in our lakes and rivers had better watch out!

  • Climbing & treetop courses

    For all acrobats who love thrills and adrenaline, for anyone looking for a bird’s eye view high up above terra firma – climbing and treetop courses in our region are really addictive!

  • Deval’kart & trottin’Herb

    Looking for thrills and activity in a nature setting? Set off in a Dévalkart or on a Trottin’Herb! Go up without effort on the button lift, and came back down the specially designed slopes at your own pace.

  • Paragliding & first flights

    Take to the air and experience another dimension, dream you have wings during a paragliding flight, it’s truly amazing! And for fledglings of all ages, no need to worry, you can enjoy a maiden flight!… Ready for take-off!

  • Golf

    On the green grass, with your club in your hand and a ball in your pocket, golf is an open-air sport calling for a steady hand, to be enjoyed at all ages, alone or with friends! Convivial, fun and exciting!

  • Archery

    Don’t look for the cowboys because there aren’t any! To really hit the target, come and learn the secrets of archery, a discipline calling for skill and accuracy! Whether you are a born warrior or not, this sport really hits the bullseye!

  • Farms to visit

    Our local farms are open to visitors, revealing all the secrets hiding under the hooves of cows, sheep, horses, donkeys and their animal friends. With curiosity in your eyes and joy in your heart, set off to explore our local farming talent for a fun time for young and old alike!

  • Photography courses

    Capture an image, seize a moment of life, convey an emotion through a picture, but most of all have fun with your camera. Alain Simon’s courses are an original and unexpected immersion covering technical and artistic aspects. For the pleasure of passing on the love of photography!