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Enjoy Nordic walking along the marked trail in the Nordik Walk® Haut-Bugey – Jura Mountains resort. The benefits of this sport originating in Finland are well known.
Head for the resort reception area at the Haut-Bugey Tourist Office.

The Nordik Walk® Haut-Bugey – Jura Mountains resort features:

• 5 trails to enjoy Nordic walking:
– a beginners’ trail (4.7 km and 120 m altitude gain).
– a trail for experienced skiers (9.9 km and 248 m altitude gain).
– 3 other complementary trails.

Training workshops on site: obstacle course, steep slopes, cardio/interval training and technical descents.

• Open digital access to:
– visit www.stationsnordikwalk.com
– find out about the trails and training workshops in Haut-Bugey
– choose your trail or workshop
– record your time on your return from the trail

• All the details of the Nordic walking resort:
> Circuit n°1: EXPLORING THE CHATELARD FOREST – 4.7km – 120m altitude gain
A beginners’ route including 4 training workshops. Take the complete circuit to learn the right techniques before tackling the other trails

> Circuit n°2: THE CHATELARD FOREST 10 KM – 9.9km – 248m altitude gain
Sections through woodland, loose soil, as well as steep slopes to fine-tune your technique using the sticks. The trail takes in two panoramas, “Golo” and “Sur le rocher” (“On the rock”).

> Circuit n°3: FITNESS TRAIL – 8.1km – 251m altitude gain
The ideal trail to work on cardio, strengthening muscles and endurance. The altitude gain covers a distance of 600m. Ridge walking and access to “Golo” panorama.

> Circuit n°4: NORDIC WALKING IN HAUT-BUGEY – 12.7km – 353m altitude gain
A favourite trail for hikers. The trail rises very evenly in two sections in wide and loose terrain. Towards the end of the trail, a section ideal for speed comes just before the obstacle course workshop.

> Circuit n°5: COMPLETE CHATELARD FOREST TRAIL – 15.4km – 346m altitude gain
A long-distance, fun trail for experienced Nordic walkers.

Download the app!

You can find all the trails, GPS / voice guidance and information about places to visit nearby on the free application “Stations Nordik Walk”.


Station Nordik Walk® Haut-Bugey – Montagnes du Jura
Haut-Bugey Tourist Information Centre – Espace Trois Lacs – 14 rue du Docteur Mercier
01130 NANTUA
Tél. 04 74 12 11 57

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